Be Still…

January 12, 2008

I have found that there are times in my life when I am perfectly happy and content…joyful.  I remember a time walking up the driveway with a cup of hot chocolate and the mail.  I was praying and worshiping the Lord as the wind blew my hair wildly, it was beautiful out.  I had been discontent about life, I wanted to live in a different time…even a different world, but then I was reminded that I didn’t really need that to be happy. 

Today was another day kind of like that.  I drove to the store, then decided (like I usually do) to take the backroad home.  It was a perfect day, the sun was shining the mountains were a dusky blue, the feilds were gold and the frozen creek wound around down below me.  I realized that the world that I live in is very different than what others live in.  I live five minutes out of a small town, this particular road is open range (meaning there are sometimes cows standing where you’re driving).  I used to want to move to L.A. as soon as I graduated, then I was over my acting career idea and wanted to move to Virginia.  Then last summer I realized that this was where I belonged and that it was beautiful here, which was something I had taken sorely for granted. 

As I drove I realized how much God had blessed me.  I’m saved by His grace, I am part of a wonderful loving family, I have great Christian friends, I live in a beautiful place (which He magnificently designed). 

It reminded me of Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.”  There are times when we have to do just that:  take a break from our over-busy, hectic lives, just take in the beauty that God created around us and count our blessings.