February 5, 2010

February is here, the month of love.  Some people enjoy it, others do not.  Whether you think of it as a time of affection and romance or refer to it as ‘Singles Awareness Month’ it’s here and there is nothing to be done to keep from being reminded of it over and over. 

It seems like the commercialization of this holiday only continues to grow and we’re seeing hearts and cards promoting Valentine’s Day in stores shortly after the new year.  Trust me, I’ve already been out and bought those chalky little conversation hearts that I love.

This month I’m going to focus on the topic of love on this blog – but wait! – before you hit the back button on your browser or type in a new url address hear me out.  I’m not going to go just go on about mushy love and all that despite the fact that I am a romantic at heart and love being in love.  No, I won’t bore all of you with that.

During this month I want to go over several things, love for others (not just romantic), patience (doesn’t matter if you’re single or not) and many other aspects, as well as some content on relationships. 

So I hope you stop back by and enjoy what’s coming!

(I thought that would be an appropriate way to sign posts on this kind of thing)

Chocolates or Roses

February 14, 2008

I wrote this last year for Valentines Day and I thought that I would repost it again here since the blog where it was originally posted is gone.    

Looking back, things are so much better now…

Febuary and love seem to go hand in hand…everywhere you go you see all the red hearts and the roses.

 I remember one year around Valentine’s Day walking through Walmart and look enviously at the large bouquets that some one would come and buy for his love. Dweling on that made me depressed, why coulnd’t I have some one like that? Why couldn’t I be the one to receive the bouquet or the chocolates?

Looking back, I see how silly it was of me to think that. First of all, I was way to young to be thinking about things like that. Secondly, I didn’t realize that at that age, or any age when it comes to dating, having someone like that would be very unwise and would cause many regrets. 

I am glad to say that I can look back and see all of that now. Back then I thought that it would be sort of neat to have a boyfriend, something that I am now glad that I didn’t have.   I wasn’t necessarily thinking about something serious, I just wanted someone who would care for me in a romantic sense…I thought that it would be ‘fun’.  And it was so easy for me to get myself depressed or to sit and think about guys. Since then I have seen the value of staying away from dangerous situations like that and keeping my thoughts in check.

I realize now that I shouldn’t be wasting my thoughts on things like dating and guys. I am now committed to remaining emotionally pure for my future husband. I realize that someday he will come, in God’s timing and not mine.  I found that instead of dwelling on not having someone on Valentine’s, why not spend that time praying for your future spouse?  Wouldn’t it be more worthwhile to do that?

I also needed to realize that my commitment right now needs to be to my father, not to a temporary romantic interest. I am here to help him and my mother. I have so much that I need to learn from them before I get married and I need to cherish my time with them instead of wasting it with foolish thoughts.

My commitment also needs to be to Christ. He came to earth and died for me that I might live! That’s a wonderful thought. It can be so easy for me to take His gift for granted, but His gift to me is so much more valuable then a box of chocolates.

This Valentine’s Day I hope you all remeber what a wonderful gift that we have and to keep yourself for your future spouse…I also encourage you to take time this Valentine’s Day to pray for that future someone (and if you are engaged or married, pray for your spouse, or spouse to be).