The Dawn

April 23, 2008

I was thinking just the other night of something that I have heard several times before…after the dark there comes the dawn.  There are always hard times in life, it’s inevitable.  I have gone through many dark times and there were days where I would forget that things would look up or that the Lord was in control of my life. 

After one very difficult summer I remember feeling the Lord’s presence and I knew that everything would be all right in the end, that He had been in control, that we would grow because of that struggle.  I realized at that time that it was the dawning of a new day in life.  Everything seemed fresh to me and I had changed through the night.  Yet the night was not as dark as I had thought at the time.  Looking back now I can see how I grew, what happened to be a summer of conflict helped turn me into who I am today.  Looking at it in the day instead of in the bleakness of the night I realized that one struggle could change my life for the better.  Just like during the night we become strengthened and prepared for the day ahead, so do our trials prepare us for the rest of our lives.

Often when we are going through trials we all forget that things will get better, that there really is the dawn after the darkness of night and that even though times are rough we are able to grow.  But above all else we need to remember that God is in control of everything in our lives.


I feel Him moving in ways unknown to me,

I don’t know what the end results will be.

Since the beginning of the month I’ve felt this way,

It seems that I feel his eternal ray.

His hand is guiding us in all we do

It’s a feeling I have never before knew.

All of the past sufferings of pain,

Somehow I know that it is all for gain.

The pleasures, many are they

Are moving us towards some future day.

I feel a change coming on,

After the dark comes a new dawn.

If He leads us away, or keeps us here

I know that we have nothing to fear.