A Two Week Challenge

December 15, 2008

A friend of mine came up with an idea during the end of November (or at least that’s when he decided to share it with us all).  It was great, many people decided to join in on what he was planning.  What was it?  It was a challenge to read through the Bible during Christmas break this year.  Yes, I am going to do it.  Am I crazy?  We’ll leave that question unanswered.

You see, I was in the mood for a challenge.  I had just finished up National Novel Writing Month (one reason that I haven’t been posting – yes, that is an excuse) and it left me wanting some new thing to try.  That and it would be a good time to get a fast overview of the Bible. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think that reading the Bible and really taking time to delve into the meaning is good and it should be done.  However, I am already part of two *very* in-depth studies plus my own daily reading, so I thought that it would be good to get an overview of sorts. 

Here’s a little bit of information that another friend of mine compiled:

So far we have roughly 25 people

The youngest just turned 14

NIV wins so far with 6, KJV is right behind it with 5, ESV 3, and NKJV 2

And then there’s 1 chronological NKJV, 1 Genevaand 1 NASB

According to most of our families and friends, we’re all nuts. J

Interested?  Want more information?  Generation Joshua has a page here which includes the reading schedule (it starts on December 21). 

If you decide to do it let me know so that we know how many people there are and (for the fun of it) what version you’re reading!  Oh and if anyone’s interested, I’m reading the Geneva version.