February 5, 2010

February is here, the month of love.  Some people enjoy it, others do not.  Whether you think of it as a time of affection and romance or refer to it as ‘Singles Awareness Month’ it’s here and there is nothing to be done to keep from being reminded of it over and over. 

It seems like the commercialization of this holiday only continues to grow and we’re seeing hearts and cards promoting Valentine’s Day in stores shortly after the new year.  Trust me, I’ve already been out and bought those chalky little conversation hearts that I love.

This month I’m going to focus on the topic of love on this blog – but wait! – before you hit the back button on your browser or type in a new url address hear me out.  I’m not going to go just go on about mushy love and all that despite the fact that I am a romantic at heart and love being in love.  No, I won’t bore all of you with that.

During this month I want to go over several things, love for others (not just romantic), patience (doesn’t matter if you’re single or not) and many other aspects, as well as some content on relationships. 

So I hope you stop back by and enjoy what’s coming!

(I thought that would be an appropriate way to sign posts on this kind of thing)