A Book Review: The Last Song – Nicholas Sparks

The Last Song

I am not a morning person – ask my poor dad who has had cold coffee in the morning because I wasn’t fully awake when I got up to make it for him before he went to work and forgot to let the esspresso machine warm up.  On the contrary I’m a good night owl – maybe not so much now as I used to be (thank you Tim who talked sense into me).  Generally, I go to bed at a decent hour, but if I’m reading a book that I am wrapped up in it is impossible for me to go to sleep.  I stayed up reading Jane Eyre until five a.m. on morning.

Last night was a night like that.  I was tired, hardly could keep my eyes open, but picked up the book I was in the middle of anyways.  Now, I’m a Nicholas Sparks fan, I have been since I watched The Notebook, but I hadn’t read much of his recently.  Then I saw that a new movie based off one of  his books was coming out.  Then I saw the book at the library two days ago – though I must have seen it a thousand times – and picked it up.

I was up till 3 a.m. reading it. 

This is definetely one of Spark’s best books yet.  He has a way of capturing your emotions throughout his works and he has the ability to leave you in tears at the end.

The Last Song is a story of Veronica “Ronnie” Miller who is forced to spend the summer with her estranged father.  Ever since he left his family she has been bitter towards him, to the extent of avoiding piano playing, something that she would do with her Julliard teaching father and not answering his calls or opening his letters.

At the same time it is a story of Ronnie’s dad Steve and his search for God and the connection with his children that he had lost all those years ago.

Ronnie has become rebellious and continually fights with her mom, but something is different about her father and eventually she opens up to him and begins to make up for all of the years that she shunned him. 

It is a summer that changes the lives of Ronnie, her father and her brother as they come to know each other more and of course…Ronnie falls in love – it is a Nicholas Sparks novel after all.  But even though things seem to be looking up at the same time they are coming apart.

A beautifully written book charged with emotions it is told from multiple point of views that brings the reader closer to the characters.  In the end this story of “the summer she’d been betrayed, the summer she’d been arrested, the summer she’d fallen in love”  left me in tears and contemplating life as Spark’s novels aways do.


5 Responses to A Book Review: The Last Song – Nicholas Sparks

  1. Mariah says:

    Ahh! Loved that book so much. Thank-you for recognizing that there were so many different relationships in that book *other* than the romantic one between Will and Ronnie. Those I’ve discussed this book with seem only able to focus on that and it drives me crazy.

  2. Mariah says:

    Oh! And I totally agree with you on the whole Sparks is able to write emotion so freaking well. I’m seriously in awe of that sometimes!

  3. Jenna says:

    Honestly, I thought that the Will/Ronnie relationship was a very small part of the book compared to the rest.

  4. Caitlin says:

    I love book reviews. Have you signed up to do them with Thomas Nelson? They have a program for bloggers called “Book Sneeze.” I love it.

    PR Manager|CollegePlus

  5. JennaChristine says:

    I have heard of it, but I haven’t looked into it at all, now I’m going to have to!

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