AiG Defending Your Faith Conference

Well, first let me say this:  the conference was amazing!  It wasn’t until I was there that I realized how starving I had been for solid doctrine like that.  Three ministries united to put on this conference: Answers in Genesis, Vision Forum and Voddie Bauchum Ministries and 2,400 people attended.  I had heard both Doug Phillips and Voddie Bauchum speak last year at the 2nd Worldview Super Conference that American Vision put on, but I had never heard Ken Ham speak before.  All three are very powerful speakers.  They spoke on many different topics from why Genesis is relevant to Christianity today, to Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.  They didn’t skirt around the issues either – they said things as they were and that is something that I appreciate in speakers.  All three of them also had a great passion for what they were saying and it came across during their time speaking.  I was very blessed by what they had to say and would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to to listen to those men speak.


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