A Poem

How can one as weak as I
Be loved by one as great as You?
I know I must learn in self to die
That I may live anew.

Oh guide my soul in Your ways
Teach me your will to do
So I may live all my days
To live and shine for You.

And though I stumble and I fall
I know that You are there
In hard times it’s You that helps me stand tall
You will never leave me foul weather or fair.

So take my life – it’s all I have to give
Show me Your wonderous ways
Teach me truly how to live
That I may serve you all my days.


One Response to A Poem

  1. Lauren says:

    Lovely poem. It was a nice start to my day that adjusted my focus right away to what’s important. 🙂 Have you received your book yet? I would love to hear what it’s like!

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