Super Tuesday

It’s here.  Today 24 states will hold their primaries and caucuses.  I would highly recomend that we all spend time today praying for our nation.  Over time, I think we all realize, America has been on the decline.  Things only seem to be getting worse.  So today I would like to ask everyone to pray for our nation – not a certain political candidate – but that the Lord will forgive our nation, turn us back to his ways, and give us a president who has a heart for Him and who will be a Godly leader. 


One Response to Super Tuesday

  1. Morgan Mascall says:

    Way to go Jenna! Super Tuesday is one of the biggest days for our nation’s leadership. Of all the days to be praying for our nation, today is a vitally important one. Because Idaho’s primaries arn’t until May, all I can do is stand aside, watch and pray for the out come.

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