The Super Bowl

American Football ball.png 

Ok, so as I am sure that everyone knows, tonight was the Super Bowl…but I’ve never really been interested in football, we did go to a “Super Bowl Party” tonight, but it was more of an excuse to get together with friends.  I personally watched the National Anthem, somebody get smashed and a huddle one second from the end.  Oh ya, and my sister – I talked her into wearing black paint under her eyes when we got there. 

But it got me thinking, there are a lot of people who get obsessed over the whole thing.  Now I’m not saying it’s wrong to get excited or jump up and down at touch-downs.  It’s not just football though, people get obsessed over tons of things…I’ve come to realize that I used to have an obsessive personality – I would get obsessed over the latest movie, over my desire to go to Hollywood and act.  Hindsight is 20/20 they say and it seems so true looking back on all of that.  How much time did I waste? 

What if rather than obsessing over, say Lord of the Rings, had I been “obsessed” with following the Lord and His will for my life.  What if I had spent the time memorizing the lines to the Pirates of the Carribean memorizing Scriptures?  Now I am not going to waste my time obsessing over what-ifs, but I hope that I’ve learned a lesson there.

So those were my thoughts when it came to the Super Bowl….oh yes, and GO PATRIOTS!!!


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