A Poem

This isn’t the best poem that I’ve written, but it came to me last night:

I pray dear Lord, Your will be done,

In all things under Your bright, shining sun.

Both in things great and small,

I know that You care for all.

When trials come You are here,

I know that You are always near.

Guide me in my choice and way,

To shine for You, that I pray.

Help me remember that you care,

And that nothing alone, must I bear.

Help me fears to cast aside,

Remind me that with me You always abide.

Take me into Your loving hand,

Mold me and shape me to fit your plan.

Help the good within me to grow,

Let Your love be in the seeds which I sow.

Take my wrong into one giant heap,

Let me learn from the mistakes which I reap.

Show me from Your word what I must do,

That for time wasted I shall no longer rue.

Help me to use my all for Your glory,

Use me to lead others to Christ’s wondrous story.

Help me to be in the world, but not of it.

In Your plan, not man’s is where I long to fit.

Dear God, I pray, please set me apart,

You see, willingly, I set before You, my soul and my heart.

This to You Lord, I do earnestly pray,

Let me live for You each and every day.

Take my life and all of me,

For only in Your will, shall I be free.


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