The Unveiling

Alright, this is sort of late to ‘unveil’ but I forgot that this was to go before the last one.  Some might have noticed the tag ’21 Articles’ and this should explain that.
It was November 26th, 2007; I was working on a speech I had to give in two days.  Just earlier I had posted a different speech on my xanga along with the announcement that coming soon I would have two articles – Convicted or Complacent? and Stepping on Toes – along with the speech I was writing. 
That night when I went to bed I started doing one of my favorite things – making a list.  Well as I wrote a list of articles, new ideas kept forming.  Finally, I knew that I had to go to sleep; I had to work the next day.
As I lay in bed, saying my prayers, another idea came to my mind.  That was when I began to think that this was a God thing.  Well, I had several more ideas before the night was over.  What I thought would be a list of three became a list of twenty*.

When I told Mom she thought that this was something I should do.  She admonished me to be very prayerful.

While we were going over and polishing up my speech (Drinking Deadly Poison), she looked at me, “This is quite a confession you’re making.”  Yes, I knew it was, but that only increased my desire to give it.  The people whom I would be giving it to after all, the ones who had tried to change my mind, I am sure that they prayed for me during that time.  Was it not right that my public confession be to them.
My mentality is this:  I have made mistakes in my life.  If it would help another, is it not my duty to confess and share?  I believe so. 

Through some of these articles I may unveil my soul – I pray that it will benefit and enlighten you as you read.

To God Be the Glory

*I added one more article to the list the next day…this one is not counted as an article.


One Response to The Unveiling

  1. Victoria says:

    Drinking Deadly Poisen? Which speech was that?

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